What is the difference between A4 and US Letter?

You will notice when you come to download and print your templates and tutorials that there are two versions, A4 and US letter, so what's the difference?

A4 and US letter are the most common formats for standard home and office printers, choosing the right one is very important but it's also super simple. There are only two differences between these different formats and those are the sizes and the geography.

The geography

US letter is only used in North and South America
A4 is used everywhere else in the world

The size

US letter pages are wider and A4 pages are shorter.
US letter measures: 21.59cm x 27.94cm (8.5” x 11”)
A4 pages measures: 21cm x 29.7cm (8.27” x 11.69”)
I hope this helps you figure out which format you need.

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