How to add a slider to a zipper

If you are planning on using continuous zipper then you will have to learn how to attach a zipper slider. It can be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it you will able to do it quickly and effortlessly. 
Here is how to do it step by step. 

Step 1

Cut the zip chain to the desired length adding an extra 2” / 5 cm - As you get the hang of adding the sliders you will find you won't need to add the extra length.



Step 2

Open one side of the zipper by roughly 2" / 5 cm.



Step 3

Make a diagonal cut on both sides of the zipper like this.



Step 4

Showing both sides of the diagonally cut zipper.



Step 5

Insert one side of the zipper about 1/4 ” [6 mm] into the curved end of the zipper



Step 6

Insert the other end of the zipper into the slider and adjust until both sides of the zipper is evenly aligned.



Step 7

Firmly hold both zipper halves with your thumbs and fingers. Then using a small amount of pressure, tap the top flat edge of the slider to push it onto the zipper teeth. 



Step 8

Keep tapping the top flat edge of the slider until you can see the teeth showing from the back of the slide.



Step 9

Then take a very firm hold of the diagonally cut ends of the zipper tape with one hand and with the other pull the slider onto the teeth.



Step 10

Pull the slider halfway through the zipper to ensure that it doesn't come back off. Then trim off the diagonal cuts using scissors.



Step 11

Optional - You can now either add your own metal top and bottom stops or hand tack the top and the bottom of the zip with a hand sewing needle and thread to prevent the slider from coming off. 



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  • Very helpful and clear, thank you!


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