Miki Japanese Knot Bag PDF Sewing Pattern / Sewing Tutorial

Happy Thursday everyone!
I'm happy to introduce the Miki Japanese Knot Bag. It's a super fun, easy pattern which I know you're going to love making.
The Miki Japanese Knot Bags features a unique knotting closure. Simply slip the larger handle through the smaller one and pull to close, how cool is that? This pattern includes 3 sized knot bags for you to try.
The finished size of these bags are: (Height x Width x Length) All measured at the widest points.
• Small: 15 cm x 23 cm - 6” x 9”
• Medium: 21 cm x 30 cm - 8” x 12”
• Large: 25 cm x 37 cm - 10”x 14.5”
All 3 Miki Japanese Knot Bags are fully reversible too.
These bags are perfect for shopping trips, storage and for yarn projects. 
You can purchase the Miki Japanese Knot Bag sewing pattern by clicking here.
Happy sewing 😁
Lois x

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